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Hello everyone!

I would like to share an information about  a workshop "Talent Development: The Transformative Power of Values-Based Assessment"  that I and several of my colleagues will be delivering  on February 14 - 15, 2018 as part of the Academy of Human Resource Development conference in Richmond, VA.  

The workshop represents a practical application of the integration of transformative learning theory with equilintegration (EI) theory, meaning of work scholarship, and self-assessment theory.  We will introduce several different types of assessment tools during the workshop.  You can find more information at  preconference website

The brief description of the workshop is: 

In today’s increasingly complex and frenetic world, we may find ourselves disconnected from what we say we value and who we say we are, and what we actually do. In the workplace, such estrangement may manifest in many ways, including a lack of meaning at work, lower job satisfaction, and increased burnout, thus leading to a lower quality of life, both in our careers and beyond. Individuals may experience these disconnections as disorienting dilemmas, which cannot be resolved without a deliberative process of values-clarification and self-exploration. Without such reflective processes, existing frames of reference may be reinforced, which means that our assumptions and beliefs may be rigidified, and underlying frustrations minimized if not dismissed altogether.

To explore these complex dynamics, which potentially affect us all, this two half--day preconference workshop leads participants through an individually-tailored and group-based process of reflection and assessment of beliefs and values as they pertain to work and life. Among other areas of reflection and inquiry, open and safe venues are created for exploring how and why one sees self, others, and the larger world as we do, with a particular focus on work roles and commitments as well as larger implications for meaning-making, relational commitments, and life purpose.

Participants will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of their own core needs and life aspirations as well as their own mission, vision, and values, which will emerge throughout this process and can help offer personal and professional guidance in the months and years ahead. 

I hope to see you there!


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  • Congrat Yoshie! Sounds like a wonderful pre-conference event, sorry I can't attend the AHRD conference this year!



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