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Hello, I posted the following link for accessing an article appearing in the "Market Watch" section of the Wall Street Journal today, entitled - "10 things life coaches won't tell you." It would be interesting to hear various reactions to the 10 points that appeared in the article: * What areas do you agree? Why? * What areas do you disagree? Why? * Where do you have mixed reactions? Why? * What do articles like this suggest about our emerging field of professional practice, for which we have much passion, coaching? I look forward to hearing from you... Maltbia Link:
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  • I agree to some extent that coaches are so various that it appear to be we are doing everything, from spiritual to body, from body to soul, from soul to thoughts, from thoughts to mind. After all, human is just a so variable thing, so diverse a thing itself. Multi-dimesion is good and the impact is impredictable. 

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