Call for Volunteers

Hello Columbia Coaches (and friends of the Program)! 

This is a call for volunteers for the 1st International CCCP Conference to be held in New York City on the campus of Columbia University, October 22 - 23, 2014.  The conference will explore the theme of “Space as Context” for executive and organizational coaching, and is being organized in partnership with the XI Transformative learning conference see website for more more details (

I’m truly excited that this long held vision is finally in the works!

We need you to volunteer for our conference planning committees!

We have staffed our conference co-chair roles; 3 core conference planning chair roles; and 11 sub-committee chair roles with alumni of program. Now its time to staff the various sub-committees, with an immediate priority being seeking volunteers to serve as "reviewers" for proposals for the 4 conference program tracks. 

We invite anyone who has attended the External Coach Intensive (ECI), the Internal Coaching Intensive (ICI), the 3-Day Coach Intensive (TCI), and/or the Advanced Coach Intensive (ACI), to please consider volunteering for one of our subcommittees.

We also invite current friends of the program (i.e., external examiners and those who have served as clients for our Advanced Coach Intensive), Columbia faculty and students in the Department of Organization and Leadership, as well as, the boarder coaching and talent management community to get involved as well.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of the one-and-a-half-day conference with other professionals in the coaching field. Please take a look at the various sub-committees that align with our 3 conference chair structure, and contact the chair or sub-committee chair to express you interests in serving.

Here are the committees and their functions, and volunteers for all are needed!

By volunteering, you will have a unique opportunity to be an active participant in this global coaching community, which will bring together program graduates and practitioners, along with researchers, scholars and students as well as talent management professionals. Please express your interests to serve as a sub-committee chair directly to the subcommittee Chair.

Thank you for your valuable time and effort to make our 1st International Columbia Coaching Program Conference a success!

Best Regards


For further questions please contact the Conference Co-Chairs:

Jean S. Frankel (Cohort VII)

Maureen C. Solero (Cohort IX)

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