Purpose and Theme of the Conference

Date: October 22nd - 23rd, 2014

Theme: "Space as Context" for Executive and Organizational Coaching!

Location: Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

The term ‘space’ carries two meanings: time or duration and area or extension (Oxford English Dictionary, 2013). An inquiry into the role of “space” as a context for executive and organizational coaching raises questions about the necessary conditions needed for effective coaching to occur, including physical space (e.g., locations, layout and aesthetics); cyber space (e.g., Skype, Adobe Connect, and email); psychological space (e.g., safety and trust); sociological space (e.g., co-created, human interactions); mental space (e.g., focus and capacity); and creative space (e.g., creation and invention), to name a few. In short, space includes the physical, social, cultural, psychological, liminal and temporal environments that guide and hold human action and interaction—all critical to clients experiencing coaching engagements as value-add.

Coaching itself has many definitions and related specialty areas including life coaching, ontological coaching, spiritual coaching, health and wellness coaching, and an almost endless array of other specialty areas. The conference will focus on executive (i.e., the role) and organizational (i.e., work context) coaching, that can include a range of applications including, yet not limited to, team and group coaching, performance coaching, sales coaching, career coaching, and transformational leadership coaching.

Further, the conference will use the Graduate School Alliance for Executive Coaching's (GSAEC - http://www.gsaec.org/) definition to clearly operationalize the concept as “a developmental process that builds a leader’s capabilities to achieve professional and organizational goals.” The focus of this form of coaching is on leaders who are in a position to make significant contributions to the mission and purpose of their organizations; is conducted through one-on-one and group interactions, driven by evidence and the inclusion of data from multiple perspectives, and built on a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect.

The overall conference design is inspired by the question: How can we organize the space of this conference to encourage experimentation and new forms of learning that may expand, and possibly transform, our community?

NOTE: Registration is now OPEN!

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Cancellation Policy: 50% of the registration fee will be refunded for cancellations made on or before October 15, 2014. After October 15,2014, no refunds will be available.  For cancellations please contact:cccpconferencereg@gmail.com

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