Documents must not exceed the following word counts, including references and supporting materials.

Documents exceeding the word counts will not be published in the conference proceedings.


·         Papers 5,000 words.

·         Experiential Learning Sessions 3,500 words.

·         Panels 7,000 words.

·         Coaching Demonstrations 3,500 words.


Please click on the appropriate link below for the required outline for your final submission, which provides a template for the format and the specific requirements.



Experiential Learning Sessions


Coaching Demonstrations





To submit final papers, please login to the All Academic site:


·         Once logged in, click the "Read Reviews/Upload Final Paper" link.

·         There you will see the list of your submissions, comments from reviewers, and an "upload" link to the right of each one.

·         Click the upload link, select the file to upload, and click the button. Repeat for each submission.

·         Please note that only the person who originally submitted the paper can submit the final paper.


All presentation rooms have Wi-Fi access and slide projection equipment to connect with your computer. Please bring your own cable adaptors. If you need special equipment please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please email such requests to:

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