Welcome to the 1st International Columbia Coaching Program Conference!

Our agenda, detailed here, brings together scholars, senior executives and experienced coaches to present research, share techniques and facilitate interactive discussion. Click on links in the Conference Agenda to learn more about the Presenters and Panelists, and to review session Abstracts.

The conference theme addresses Space as Context for Executive and Organizational Coaching along four tracks:

-          The client and their coach – the intra / interpersonal space

-          Coaching leaders and their teams – the team / group space

-          Engagement, communication and climate in organizations – the cultural space

-          Coaching practices for specific sectors – the industry space

Dynamic presentations on each track include papers, experiential learning sessions, panels of industry thought leaders and live coach demonstrations. Program approved for CCE’s (*pending approval)

Registration is open (click below). More information, session choice forms and speaker biographies will follow after registration.

Agenda – Day 1 (October 22)   Agenda –Day 2 (October  23)     Register

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