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Greetings from Singapore !

As a coach, it is indeed humbling to watch this engaging TEDtalk by Atul Gawande, the renowned American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher.

 It is heartwarming to see the principles of coaching being put to practice in one of the most precious moments of any life – the moment of birth.

Supporting individuals and teams to their path of continuous improvement and then seeing them attain their true potential and greatness is perhaps the most fulfilling part of coaching as a profession; and when that’s done in the service of preserving a fragile life, that makes it the noblest calling of them all.

So if you want to get great at something – get a coach.

And if you want to sow the seeds of greatness and others, and watch that greatness blossom, - be a coach.

Happy holidays, and hope to catch up with a lot of you at the 2018 conference.



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  • Hi Krish, 

    This is a superb and profound video describing the value of coaching. Thanks for sharing. 

    Ramu Iyer

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