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Below is an inquiry that is ONLY open to alums of the Columbia Coaching Program (i.e., Front-end, Practicum, and ACI), Program Faculty, and our External Examiner Team - please read ASAP as the information is time sensitive!


A priority of CCLA (Columbia Coaching Learning Association) is to devise a process to take advantage of the numerous inquires I receive as Director, Columbia Coaching Program, to source capable professional coaches, and otherwise engage in a host of custom talent development solutions for organizations. I'm working with Sharon Dauk, CCLA's President to pilot procedures as strategic opportunities are presented, until we can formalize a process to take it to scale. One such opportunity was presented last week, while I was away @ ACI.


A corporate client with a major presence in the consumer goods industry is interested in partnering, with an experienced, external executive coach, in support of a year-long leadership development program (see attached "External Coaching Brief" for more detail). The corporate client contacted us as a source to identify potential professional coaches who meet their requirements. The client organization is located in New York City, and given the nature of the assignment (first time working with an external partner - the coach role had been employed internally for prior cohorts), they are seeking an external coach located in the Metro New York City Area. 

Conduct: Call-to-Action

After reading the attached "External Coaching Brief," if you are a graduate of the entire Columbia Coaching Program, Faculty, and/or External Examiner, and would like to be considered for this opportunity please do the following by NO LATER than Friday August 5, 2016 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time US:

  • Clearly Read the "External Coaching Brief;"
  • Create a "1-Page" Professional Coach Bio (NOTE: use the template we've attached here, please follow the instructions closely, including font style, size, etc. DO NOT exceed the 1-page limit, and include a professional photo - we will NOT forward any bios to the client that DO NOT explicitly adhere to the bio guidelines - branding - see a sample of Sharon's Bio, as a model of the finish product); and
  • Using "Coach Profile" located on the back of the "External Coaching Brief" - please include a short email with a 1-sentence description per bullet point, of how your background outline with the  requirements outlined on the back page of the brief, then email your 1-page bio to: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia ( and Sharon Dauk (, again, by no later than Friday, August 5, 2016 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time U.S.

Sharon and I are NOT making the final decision, yet we have agreed to screen all applicants from the Columbia network for the organizational clients to ensure that all candidate we send to them, meet the organization's baseline standards. We will quickly review any inquiries we receive in order to send the client a "short list" of potential candidates. At that point, the client will reach out to you directly with details for completing the application process. While, we do not know the exact compensation for this assignment, having worked with this organization in the past, I can tell you, it will be competitive, not to mention the potential for future work!

These are the type of opportunities CCLA, working in partnership with the Columbia Coaching Program is interested in sharing with our growing alumni base. Once we have a process in place, we'll intentional expand our reach to other locations around the world, yet to start, we are being intentionally strategic and working with organizations where we already have strong relationships.


Maltbia and Dauk


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  • Hello,

    Sharon and I received a few replies to the "External Coaching Opportunity," which made clear that we needed to clarify the response expectations that will help us "screen" bios for the organizational client.

    Explicitly, third bullet point in the "discussion thread" in the "Member Blog" section - under the "Conduct - Call-to-Action" heading:

    "Using "Coach Profile" located on the back of the "External Coaching Brief" - please include a short email with a 1-sentence description per bullet point, of how you meet the requirements outlined on the back of the brief, then email your 1-page bio to: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia ( and Sharon Dauk (, again, by no later than Friday, August 5, 2016 by 5:00 PM Eastern Time U.S."
    We need your "cover" email include 1-sentence highlighting how your background meet their requirements, specifically, please briefly comment on your qualifications related to the following points:
    • Extensive Executive Coaching experience (minimum 5 years; Advanced Columbia Coach Credential, or Other Recognized Professional Coach Program)
    • Ability and strong interest in cross-cultural communication
    • Understanding of coaching to influence team dynamics
    • Minimum 15 years overall business experience
    • Masters degree (e.g., MBA or Masters in Adult Learning/OD/Change Leadership preferred)
    • General knowledge of consumer goods industry (i.e., client work and/or employed)
    • Ability to commit to full year program and travel
    • Interest in pursuing long-term partnership with Company
    • Genuine passion for leadership development 
    Again, we only need a sentence related to each bullet point your reply - sorry I was NOT clearer in our expectations.
This reply was deleted.
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