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Coaching Start-up in Brazil

Hey All,

I'm founding a startup in Brazil around Coaching, and have been speaking incessantly to Coaches and enthusiasts in order to understand what is relevant if you want to create a platform for Coaching online.

Any thoughts? For you, what is most relevant in order to chose a coach and have sessions online?

Best to all,


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  • Beatriz, by coaching online, to you mean via Skype or phone, or do you mean strictly email coaching or coaching through some kind of member portal?

    No matter what venue you coach in, in my fifteen years of experience, there are a few key elements:

    Who do you choose to serve?

    Which of their significant dreams and challenges do you address?

    Do your prospects believe their wants are important/crucial enough to make a significant investment in securing your assistance to achieve them?

    In my view, without these three pieces, it doesn't matter what else you bring to the party.  Prospects will easily view your service as a commodity or as a "would be nice."

    Beatriz, I wish you the best of luck as you begin your courageous venture.  You are definitely starting on the right foot - ask lots of questions, so you know which questions are important to your prospects.  :-)

    • Hi Pat,

      I mean via live video (like Skype, but we use a different platform). We already have sessions occurring, but mostly people who have been recommended to our platform and coaches. I'm having a hard time "converting" traffic that comes to the website, I think because just by looking at a coache's picture, CV and certification is not enough to commit. How do you establish the trust so that people will risk paying for an encounter?

      Your questions are very relevant. Thank you. I'm certainly on the path to answering them, but still needs polishing.

      I appreciate you taking time to answer me!

      Best to you :)

      • Beatriz, the fact that you have people coming as referrals is excellent. Also, a huge percentage of coaching these days is done via video or phone.

        It's also not uncommon for a web site to not convert people to take a big step on their early visits to your site.  While I'm not a web designer or marketing expert, if you are comfortable doing so, I'd take a quick look at your web site.

        Just so you know, this is not an offer to coach you.  It's an offer for another set of eyes and ears.

        • Yes! I'd love for you to take a look!

          It's in Portuguese though, but I hope you can grasp the idea if you don't speak the language.

          It's still a "landing page", which means you cannot "navigate" much through it. Once the person leaves their e-mail interested, we reach out with our list of current available coaches:

          Excited to hearing from you :)

          • Beatriz, first, the design is crisp, clean and easily accessible. A sales page is fine as a tool to accomplish what you want.

            In terms of conversion, I see a couple of challenges with the web site.  I ask you to hear what I say with the deepest respect and admiration. You've taken the hard steps to get something out there, which puts you way ahead of many.

            The web site is frequently your first conversation with your prospect.  You are asking them to make a decision with very little information.  The sole purpose of each stage of the conversation is to get them to take the next step. Your prospect may not have enough information to take that step.

            The information you do give is very good for the process.  However, it fails to answer the questions in the prospect's mind. Why should I take the next step?  What is the benefit to me if I do? Is the benefit big enough, important enough?

            The language of the web site is very intellectual.  More than 80% of people make their decisions to buy based on emotion. They use data to back up that decision.  There is very little in the language of the web site that speaks to me (the prospect) on an emotional level.

            These are high level observations.  If you'd like to continue a discussion via phone, I am open to that. I won't be offended if this offer has no value to you.

            Please contact me at if you'd like to schedule a time to talk.  I promise, I will not be trying to close you, but offering feedback I wish someone had offered me when I first started.

            Best Success,


            • Pat, our phone conversation was incredibly helpful. If gives me great pleasure to see enthusiasts in the coaching field that are so competent and insightful and willing to help create something that is innovative. I benefited greatly from your expertise.

              Best to you

              • Beatriz -

                I really enjoyed our conversation.  You definitely captured the key to business success with your willingness to experiment.  The journey to success is an iterative process.  Change - observe the results - change and repeat.  :-)

                You have created a brilliant foundation.  I look forward to having you keep in touch and let me know how it's going.

                p.s. - I was so involved in our conversation, I forgot to invite you to sign up for my blog if you are interested.  It comes out twice each week and gives tips and insights on having the prospect conversation from a place of comfort, confidence and control, with total integrity.


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