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The Team Coaching Zone was launched on 1 January 2015.  The mission of the site is to contribute to the development of the field of team coaching in companies and organizations.  Through the creation of content such as podcasts, blogs, webinars, resources, and discussion boards, The Team Coaching Zone seeks to support new and experienced team coaches to take their coaching practices to the next level. Below are 7 episodes that feature Columbia Coaching Program alums:

  • EPISODE #004: January 22, 2015: Surfing the Wave of Team Coaching with Felipe Paiva
  • EPISODE #005: January 29, 2015: Developing Leadership Cultures Through Team Coaching with Jean S. Frankel
  • EPISODE #008: February 19, 2015: Coaching Teams for High Performance: A 5 Step Approach with Greg Burns
  • EPISODE #022: June 11, 2015: Coaching Technology Teams in a VUCA World: Catalyzing Team Learning, Innovation and Change to Drive Business Results with Krish Iyer
  • EPISODE #025: July 2, 2015: Co-Team Coaching: Leveraging Partnership to Maximize Impact with Nancy Alexander & Ethan Hanabury
  • EPISODE #026: July 9, 2015: Metaphors as Vehicles of Transformation in Team Coaching with Kati Livingston
  • EPISODE #030: August 24, 2015: The Frable Method: Insights from a Millennial Executive and Team Coach on the Future of Coaching, Change, and Inter-generational Thinking with Alex Durand

Columbia Coaching Program faculty have also been on the show:

  • EPISODE #003: January 15, 2015: Team Coaching for Development and Performance with Dr. Rachel Ciporen
  • EPISODES #032 & #033: September 15, 2015: Frontiers in Executive and Team Coaching: Reflections and Insights on the Interdisciplinary Nature of Team Leadership Coaching and Implications for the Future with Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia

Use the link below to access The Team Coaching Zone to access those and other episodes and come back and share your insights in this discussion thread:

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