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David Matthew Prior and Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia lead a session entitled "Developing a Culturally Competent Faculty Team: Early Work and Implication for Coaching Competencies" on May 8th during this year's Association of Coach Training Organizations (ACTO), a gathering of directors, educators, and trainers representing numerous coach training schools. Our intent was to: (a) provide space for leaders of coach training organization to clarify their point-of-view regarding what constitutes culturally sensitive coach education and training: (b) share a common frameworks, structures and tools for understanding cultural variation; and (c) begin the conversation connecting culture and coaching.

There was an interesting discussion that took place during the "open space" segment of the conference (immediately before our session) where the idea of creating a multi-school collaborative learning event in November of 2015 where the focus will be to intentional start building the foundation for making explicit connection between cultural competence and coaching competencies - Stay turned for more information.

If you were be interested in being a part of such an event, please reply to this post, so we know how to reach out to us as the planning process unfolds.

You can download a PDF of the slides used for our ACTO session below - feel free to share observations, insights, and/or raise questions based on your review of this content.




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    • Jessica,

      Let's have a conversation about how you might contribute to this work. I've mentioned it to my mentor (Professor Marsick) and we are looking for a Doctoral Candidate who might be interested in this as a research topic!

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