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Decision Making - the Coaching Space

I will be presenting a paper that deals with coaching as it relates to a leader's decision-making process.  In research I've done with senior leaders, I discoverd great disperity in processes and abilities when it comes to making decisions.  However, it seems that most leaders think that they are good at decision making - afterall, they reached a high level in their organization, so they must have made some good decisions along the way, right?  I'm curious; as a coach, if you observe poor decision making in a leader that you are coaching, how do you approach the subject? What do you do to help the coachee see the issue?  I believe that poor decision making can be a problematic blind spot for many leaders and I am interested to learn what executive coaches do to address this concern.

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  • Hi Dr McNaught,

    I saw in working with Dana Kirchman (Cohort V) on the conference program this week that you are presenting at the conference, I look forward to learning more about your work there! I believe this submission draws on your dissertation work (congrats on that accomplished BTW) and the project you completed during the program. Its really cool to see our graduates not only practice coaching, yet also contribute to the knowledge base!

    Based on this post, your statement that "most leaders," or certainly many that I coach, "think that they are good at decision making," so my experience aligns with your observation. I would like to engage in the point your raise about "poor decision making" in leaders. Yet, it might be helpful for you to share some of the indicators of poor decision making from our research. For example, I'm sure many of us (coaches and regular people), have our own sense of what constitutes "poor decision making" and "effective decision making," yet without clear criteria its just a lot of opinions.

    What did you discover about the indicators of poor decision from your research, I would like to: (a) focus on comments on determining if I've observed some of those indicators in my work with leaders and (b) if so, what approaches did I employ to support executive clients enhanced their capacity for more impactful decision making. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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