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Gender and Coaching

I am actually working on a project and clearly I need information about the impact of diversity and gender in the world of coaching.Reading the ICF survey 2012, I realized that 75% of the Coaches in USA are female and at the same time, looking at different sites one being "50 Top Coaches" I found that among the "50" only "9" were female .

any articles, documents, reflections will be very much appreciated

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  • Sorry for the time reaction,

    but if I am not precisely working on actually I am still interested in the topic.

    what would be your question ? my challenge is "why" this gape, is it creating a new communication, coaching style.


  • Dear Gonzague,

    If you are still working on this project I would be delighted to speak to you. As an association for senior level executive coaches we are struggling with this issue and have noticed the same concerns you mention.

    CB Bowman, MBA, CMC, MCEC, BCC

    CEO Association of Corporate Executive Coaches

  • Gonzague, you make an interesting observation and raise an important point regarding the potential gender interplay between coaches and clients, as one of many dimensions of diversity at play when coaching across cultures. Many years ago when conducting research on diversity practitioners (for my dissertation), I observed a similar dynamic, the majority of leaders in Fortune 500 corporations who served as strategic sponsors for diversity initiatives in organizations were generally white and male, yet the demographics of diversity practitioners (i.e., the senior most person responsible for diversity insider of organizations, or external diversity "experts" that practitioners and leaders alike called upon for support) were generally women (white women followed by women of color), men of color (notably fewer), with very few white men in the role. I find a similar dynamic at play in executive coaching, one that is not often attended to explicitly. I'll be on the look out for articles and others sources that you might find useful.

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