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Happy Friday!

On Friday, April 10th we completed 2, 1-hour long sessions (1 morning & 1 evening) of our first ever "Virtual Connection Spaces for Columbia Coaching Certification Program (3CP) Community." This was the result of several emails and messages from various social media posts from alumni wanting to: (1) connect and (2) explore how coaching can be of service to the world during these uncertain and challenging times. There were 98 in attendance between the two sessions.

Save-the-Dates and Times for Take II

During the "check-out" for both of the first virtual connection spaces, attendees expressed interest in having more opportunities to connect, learn together, and share resources. So, in order to provide more lead time we have established a date for our "2nd Virtual Connection Spaces." We have not determined the agenda, yet in the spirit of building the plane while flying, we wanted to establish the date and then continue with the planning. If there is anyone interested in planning and co-hosting the upcoming sessions with me, send me an email - the focus is wide-open, as it was initially for the first (

NOTE: You'll need to register for one of the sessions, using 1 of the links below - it only takes less than a minute, then you will automatically receive the meeting link.

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take IIa | Friday April 24, 2020 | 9:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern Time U.S.

Registration URL:


The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take IIb | Friday April 24, 2020 | 7:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern Time U.S.

Registration URL:


3CP Technology Platform Initatives for Connecting Program Alums Across 23 Cohorts and Growing

Aziza Alam, is a Work-Study graduate student at Columbia University who is working with me to up the current Columbia Coaching Learning Association's (CCLA) current social networking platform, or NING. Specially, I've asked her to reach to alums on my behalf and request that you take 5 minutes to complete a basic profile (NOTE: please have a headshot of you ready before logging). If you already have a profile on the next site, please take a quick look to make sure your information is current.

Why are we doing this? Recently CCLA signed a contract with Hivebright, a provider that offers a technology, web-based platform that we believe will serve as a major building block for creating various spaces for Columbia Program alums to: (a) connect with members of their Cohort; (b) interact with alums across Cohort; (c) post profile "member provides" that Columbia will market for organizations to be able to access our credentialed coaches; (d) enage is collorative coaching research; (e) organize regional and local events/chapters; (f) participant in peer learning events and conversation; (g) attend 3CP foundation update webnairs;; (h) receive notifications for various professional development opportunties and more.

Hivebright specializes in the education, non-profits, and professional association sectors, so the platform already has a number of functions 3CP & CCLA was seeking in a technology solution designed for our growing learning community. Please spread the word to members of your cohort that you are in contact with to make sure they have a profile on the NING site - if not pass along this information. We hope to use the profiles from the NING to migrate to the new system in the coming months for the launch and then continue to roll-out various functions to foster more engagement opportunity within our learning community. If yo have in questions, reach out to Aziza ( who is in regular commuication with me.


Hope to see many of you @ one of the next connection spaces - feel free to share this communication and registration link with members of your Cohort. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives! 




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