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FLOWCHART_v3.pdfcoaching%20flowchart.pdfFLOWCHART_v3a.pptxHello to all the great minds in the Columbia Learning Network!

I have been asked to put together a 1-page 'Coaching Guidelines" information sheet for a sponsor's intranet.  Some of this information is simply "nuts and bolts"  -i.e. how does one get a coach, what are some topics that would bring people to coaching, how long are the engagements, confidentiality and the overall coaching process.   That said, I'm looking to hear ideas and thoughts on what else you would consider crucial to include in a 1-page coaching guideline document.  The sponsor currently has no guidelines in place, so employees are often confused around how they can get a coach, who is eligible, how their manager is involved or not?  Any best practices thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Jacqueline Farrington

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  • Jacqueline,

    Sorry for the delay in my response, busy start to the summer with teaching a 3-week advanced leadership seminar for one of our Intensive Doctoral programs - just finished on Thursday.

    I've gotten similar requests for internal coaching. A few  things: (1) feel free to use any resources you were exposed during the Columbia Coaching Program - the way to cite, is the source: e.g., Columbia Coaching Certification Program - External Coach Intensive Participant Binder, p. #/#s, year attended; (2) I have a 1-pager on executive and organizational coaching roles (I'll try to post it on your "home page" on this site (still learning how to use this platform); and (3) if you need additional resources, send me an email. I'd be interested in seeing your final project.

    Best Wishes,


    • Hi Terry

      Now it's my turn to say "sorry for the delay in response" but I know you know what it's like.  I hope the summer and the leadership seminars are going well for you.  Hope those NYC heat waves haven't hit yet although summer is one of my favorite times in the city. I love when everyone leaves town and it's a bit quieter.

      Thank you very much for your insight and also for sharing your 1-pager on coaching roles.  That was extremely useful.  I'm attaching 3 different flow charts to this email.  It's definitely been a "co-creation" with the sponsor and we continue to create - no hard decisions yet.  I'd love your thoughts - and thoughts from anyone else who might be following this thread - on these.  Right now, it's a very fluid process with lots of changes.  Some of the inspiration for this chart came from an article I found, "Effectiveness of a High-Potential African American Executive: The Anatomy of a Coaching Engagement" by P.C. Winum.  

      We had considered doing a detailed 1-pager with more written content, but given the organization is very "Gen Y" we felt a visual would be more adequate for their intranet website.  They would also like to use your 1-pager, if we have your permission. 

      Any and all suggestions/feedback from the Columbia crowd, are hugely appreciated!

      Thanks again!


      • I hope I did that correctly.  I don't see a place here in the comments to upload documents, so I attached them to my original post.


        • Hi Jacqueline,

          Thanks for the update. I don't see the "flow charts" you wanted to post, and like you, I don't see a way to upload a document. I see a way you can add a link, or an "image" - so if you can save the flow charts as jpegs or gifs you might be able to use the "Image" icon next to the "Link" icon to upload the flow charts. See if that works.



          • This reply was deleted.
            • HI Terry

              Nice house!  

              Yes that worked so will try this again.  I'm not going to post all three.  I'll just post the "final" version my client has worked out.  He's still open to suggestions and we haven't discussed further since he sent this to me - we have a meeting on it next week.  I'd certainly welcome any suggestions.  I'd submitted one that I felt was simpler and drew on the 3 C's - this is what he sent back.

              Thanks again!

              • Jacqueline,

                Thanks for sharing, this is a great experience of how to cull out specific aspects of the Columbia Coaching Framework and adapt it to a specific application. It also highlights the various types or forms of coaching, beyond what professional, credentialed coaches, which in route to building coaching cultures in and for organizations is key, in this case managerial coaching. 

                In looking at the flow chart you've created here, it appears that there are 4 made phases of the managerial coaching process, as defined by this organization: (1) entry and contracting, (2) development planning, (3) taking action, and (4) importantly integration. Keep us posted on the organizational client's experience with this framework. BTW, there are a number of people from ACI Cohort XII who completed projects on organizational coaching, including managerial coaching. 



                • Thanks Terry that's very helpful.

                  Hopefully a few members of Cohort XII will see this thread and respond as I'd very much like to get input or read their papers.  

                  Wishing you a fantastic weekend,


This reply was deleted.
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