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As an educator, consultant (including executive coaching) and former corporate executive, I'm committed to and interested in, evidence-based practice, that is, informing that work that I do with and for client, with the best possible research and knowledge, theory, and strategic insights available. Given the status of executive and organizational coaching as an emerging field of professional practice, I wanted to start a discussion space to share resources people have found useful to inform their practice. I've started with the list of peer review journals scan for emerging theories, research and framework to inform my work.

Coach-Specific Journals:

  • Coaching An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice |
  • International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring |
  • International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching |
  • Journal of Coaching Education | (NOTE: sports coaching)
  • The Coaching Psychologist |
  • International Coaching Psychology Review |
  • International Journal of Coaching in Organizations |

Journals That Publish Coaching Content 

  • Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research |
  • Human Resource Development Quarterly |
  • Human Resource Development Review |
  • Human Resource Development International |
  • Academy of Management Journal |
  • Academy of Management Review |
  • Academy of Management Learning and Education |

Please share journals you've found helpful in publishing coaching and/or coaching-related content.

HOT OFF THE PRESS: "Advances in Developing Human Resources" has recently published a special issue on coaching, that includes a total of 7 articles. You can go to:

To view and/or download the entire issue. I've included the final article here that summarizes the entire issue. Evidence that coaching is gaining ground as an emerging academic discipline, yet there is much work to be done!


Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia


NOTE: 4.5.14 Post Update

Thanks Yaron for the tip regarding the Institute for Coaching Resource! I looking at the system, when you start a Blog, it seems as if you can upload at document at that time, or go back an edit the Blog, if you are the creators, and add a document.

Another useful summary of coach research is the "Workplace, Executive and Life Coaching: An Annotated Bibliography form the Behavioural Science and Business Literature" complied by Anthony M. Grant of Australia. I've included the link below.


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  • Thanks for sharing - looking forward to reading the 'hot of the press' articles...

    • Let me know what you think... I co-authored an article about executive coaching, yet the entire issues is about coach-related topics. Advanced versions are available on line, the issue will come out in a few weeks.

      How are things? Where are you these days? Still in the UK?

      • I've managed to download the articles so I'm looking forward to reading yours and everyone else's articles! It's interesting to see who are the contributors, new and old, and see what the latest thinkings are in coaching!

        Things are going well thanks! How are things with you? I am still in London and currently doing a Masters at UCL. So it is very useful having this section as it is helping me with my lit review for my research on the anthropology of coaching. 

        • Hi Yvonne,

          In the past month or so, I recall seeing a conference schedule you posted on one of the LinkedIn discussion boards, I think? Do you recall? We are looking for various models for scheduling our schedule and that was a good one. Can you please share it with me, either post here, or send me an email ( Thanks again.



  • Yaron,

    We'll have to figure out how to allow members to upload. For now, if you send it to me, I'll upload it as part of this discussion thread. Thanks for your contribution!


  • Terry and all:
    I have a comprehensive list of peer-reviewed journals that published coaching research from 2008 - 2012 that was compiled by Drs. Stern & Stout-Rostrron from the Institute of Coaching.  The journals are grouped by broad discipline areas (e.g., psychology, business, education). Wish there was a way to upload the PDF directly here -- but am happy to share with interested folks via email 

    • Yaron,

      Take II,

      I'm still learning how to use this platform, yet I noticed that when I started this post, I was able to upload a document at that time, yet the same is not true, when I'm replying to post in the discussion thread. However, when I went to the "edit" my own post, I could upload a document. So, maybe, you can only upload a document when you are the creator of the Blog. If that is the case, perhaps you can start a new thread with that resource to see if that works.

      If it does not, my assumption is that it has to do with the various user "rights" different members have. If so, I'll have to look into that.

      Try it and see what happens. Let me know either way. Thanks for engaging in the learning curve with us! I hope yu plan to submit a proposal! Reach out to Tony, Krister, and others as well.

    • Yaron, I'll ask our communications team to figure out how to upload documents and then send out an announcement. In the mean time, if you send it to me, I'll get it uploaded. Thanks for the tip!

This reply was deleted.
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