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For the past few weeks there has been a discussion thread as part of the "ICF" LinkedIn site responding to the question: What is coaching with one word? One of the members was kind enough the summarize the results via a "Word Cloud" tool and share it with the group (see information below). Take a look at the graphic, what emerges for you as  you look at the visual depiction of the results of the discussion thread? NOTE: at the time of the posting, there were 100 unique words, the relative size of the font reflects the number of times a given word was posted. Thanks Ingrid!

Ingrid Nieuwenhuisen


Ingrid Nieuwenhuisen

Licenciada en Informática, con perfil técnico y amplia experiencia en liderazgo de equipos y proyectos de IT.

We reached 100 unique words! I share with you the new word cloud including all of them:

If you access to this link, you have the option of downloading the word cloud in a png format file.


As we prepare for Columbia's 1st International Coaching Conference, as you consider our theme of "Space as Context for Executive and Organizational Coaching" combined with the various ways coaching is understood (via the Word Cloud), what surfaces for each of you? I would love to hear your observations!

Click the link below for an overview of the Conference:


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