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New York/ Beijing

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Executive Coach for Leaders in Creative and Cultural Industries. CEO JoyCoach © (http://www.joynescreative.com) New York. Research Scholar on Art and Enterprise, Columbia University; Renmin University, Beijing; Fellow RGS London; Fulbright-Hays US Public Diplomacy Awards Mongolia (2014); China (2017). US Department of State Sponsored ACMS Fellow on Highter Education. Member National Postdoctoral Association; Fellow Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain. Japan Ministry of Education and Culture (MeXT) Scholar.

Interests In Executive and Organizational Coaching

“My fascination with global leadership coaching emerged in 1986 as part of my MBA and M.Sc research on Multinational Management and as an advisor to global Fortune 100 clients. As a coach I engage creativity in leadership within Global Teams, Entrepreneurship, and Culture Industries.”

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Management and Leadership Training, Boston University and Vrije Universiteit Brussels Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (MSc Management); California State Polytechnic University (MBA); Faculty, Peking University Institute for Cultural Industries; New York University Coaching Training on New York Unviersity Coaching Diploma Program 2018-2019; Eugene Lang Center for Entrepreneurship; MA, University of London; Japan Ministry of Education and Science Scholar (MA, Japan); PhD Leeds Metropolitan University, UK; Post-Doctorate, School of Communications and Arts, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil. http://www.joynescreative.com

“A community of practice for executive and organizational coaching in the context of the Columbia University Coaching Foundations.”
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