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Coaching for Sales Effectiveness & Productivity

Fellow coaches,

Today I had the opportunity to present a proposal covering "Coaching for Sales Effectiveness & Productivity" to our Asia-Pacific-Japan Regional  COO. While I did get conceptual agreement to build a framework for coaching for sales effectiveness & productivity, there were a few questions that I thought I should share with this team for inputs, guidance and expert advice - examples and best practices would be awesome.

The target coaching clients are sales personnel who are the "near achievers" i.e those  in the 51-100% quota achievement block. These "near achievers" report to sales managers, who then report to the country MDs. APJ is comprised of 13 countries or market units.

1. What are the typical metrics that organizations deploying coaching as an performance enhancement instrument use to gauge the effectiveness of coaching in driving Sales Effectiveness & Productivity ?

2. What is the role of the sales manager vis-a-vis the coach during the coaching engagement period ? 

3. What is the coaching / preparation required to effectively co-opt the sales managers into the process so that they support their employees though the process, and continue to provide the post coaching engagement cadence and support.

Thanks in advance for your responses !




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