Track 4 Paper: Widening the Lens of Leadership: Enhancing Leadership Literacy in Coaches

Abstract: A critical review of the literature in executive, leadership, and organizational coaching reveals a narrow view of leadership at odds with a much wider view present in contemporary leadership theory. In order to create a greater understanding among leadership coaches of the wider view of leadership, and thus increase their "literacy in leadership," this paper contrasts the more narrow view with some key trends emerging in the study and practice of leadership. The paper presumes that this enhanced literacy will better serve the leadership needs and aspirations of coaches' clients. 

Ken Otter, Ph.D. (USA)

Ken has 30 years of professional experience in human and organizational development as an educator, coach and consultant, in the US and internationally. This experience engages people from diverse backgrounds, professions, and levels of responsibility in a variety of settings such as: education, health, hospitality, public service, business, and the arts. Ken’s work is grounded in his life-long inquiry on the interplay between inner and outer change and how this interplay is practiced toward individual and organizational wellbeing. Presently, Ken is Director of Leadership Studies Programs and Co-director of The Leadership Center at Saint Mary's College of California. 

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