The Columbia Coaching Learning Association (CCLA) exists to serve as a community of practice for CCP Program graduates as well as scholars, practitioners, scholar-practitioners, researchers, students, talent management professionals and others who are interested in the study and practice of executive and organizational coaching in the context of Columbia’s Coaching Foundations and our core belief that coaching enhances both organizational performance  and human potential.

Together, we seek to leverage the power of imagination and co-creation by convening conferences, conducting and disseminating research, developing advanced learning opportunities and offering collaborative e-forums for networks of coaches to stay connected. 

We welcome all those who are currently enrolled in, or have completed, the Columbia Coaching Certification Program to join, as well as, those of you who are part of the broader community of coaches and other talent management professionals. Not a member yet? We invite you to join now to create a profile and add a profile photo!

This website is intended to provide a space for CCLA members to connect with each other as scholars, practitioners, scholar-practitioners, researchers, students, and key stakeholders. On this site you will also receive regular updates on plans for the Columbia Coaching Program's 3rd International Conference in 2018!

One of the best ways to leverage the power of this site is to use the "What's Happening" or "Member Comments" sections below to share your thoughts and ideas with other CCLA members.

NOTICE: This is a professional online network intended solely for community of practice activities, not for personal request or solicitation. While the site includes a SPAM function, none are fool proof!  While we scan the site for improper use of this platform, if you receive a direct email message making a personal request, please: (a) disregard it and (b) report to the site administrator Anna Healy (contact her via the Member Search" feature under the "Member Roster" pull down menu).

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SAVE-THE-DATE | Our 4th International Conference | October 13 - 15, 2021!

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We are currently in the process of a complete redesign of both the CCLA Community as well as the Member Directory.  Active members of the community will be the first to be notified when we go live!  If you are not yet a member, please apply to become a member in order to take full advantage of the features when we launch.  Thank you for your patience.

Columbia Community

Columbia Coaching Conference


  • The 4th International Columbia Coaching Conference will be held on October 14-16, 2020! [NOTE: Proposed for 1 year | New Dates: October 13-15, 2021 due to COVID-19]!


Download the full call-for-proposals doucment via the conference website (use the link below) for specifics for being considered to lead 90 minute conconcurrent sessoins during the 2020 conference in 3 categories: (1) Papers; (2) Experiential Learning; and (3) Coaching Demonstrations.

We are in the process of sourcing keynote speakers and organizational panel sessions (NOTE: if you are interested in either of these categories, contact Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia | Maltbia@tc.columbia.edu directly).

Stay tuned for additional updates via the conference website:



2020/21 Conference Steering Committee Updates

We are in the process of staffing the 2020 conference leadership team. To date, the following individuals will be working with me (Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia), in my role as Institutional Conference Sponsor:

  • Liane Kemp, Conference CEO/Chair (3rd cycle working on conference team);
  • Benjamin Jooste, Chair, Strategic Partnerships (3rd cycle working on conference team); 
  • Angela Wright, Chair, Conference Program (i.e., Papers, Experiential Learning, and Demos - 2nd cycle working on conference team); and
  • Annie Murray, Ditigal Marketing and Communication (1st cycle).

We are in the process of sourcing a: (1) Chair, Operations and (2) Chair, Budget and Finiance.

Big thanks to Fernando Yepez for his two cycles of outstanding service as Conference Chair (2016 & 2018), and countless hours stepping in to support other roles since our 1st conference in 2014!











Conference Sponsorship

2016 Conference Sponsors

Many thanks to the following organizations for their support in ensuring that our 2nd conference is a success!





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