Columbia Coaching Conference Agenda – Day 2



Program Schedule: Thursday, October 23, 2014

8:00 – 8:15 am

Overview of Day, Announcements, and Day One Guided Reflection

8:15 – 9:00 am

Conference Presentation: Ellen B. Van Oosten, (Ph.D.) - Cowin Auditorium, On Broadway (between 120th and 121st), Teachers College, Columbia University

Conversations that Inspire: Insights from the Coaching Lab at Case Western Reserve University!

9:00 – 10:00 am

Keynote Interview: Professor Emeritus Dr. Edgar Schein (MIT)- Interviewed by Ilene Wasserman, Ph.D. - Cowin Auditorium

The Evolution of Helping: From Interpersonal Dynamics to Humble Inquiry | A Conversation with a Legend

10:00 – 10:30 am

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Track 1: Intra/Interpersonal Space

Coach – Client Relationships: Coaching for Self-Awareness and Enhanced Leadership

Track 2: Team/Group Space

Coaching to Lead Others Effectively

Track 3: Cultural Space

Coaching to Foster Climates of High Engagement and Success

Track 4: Industry Space

Coaching in Context: Addressing Sector-Specific Opportunities

Concurrent Sessions – Round 1

10:30am – 12:00 pm

Paper Presentations (Rd1/T1A)

• Attachment Theory: A New Perspective on the Coach/Client Relationship and Leadership Development Outcomes

Presenter: Dr. Dale L. Hudson (Phillips Graduate Institute)

• On the Use of Narrative in the Context Content Conduct Framework

Presenter: Dr. Matthias Ehrhardt (CMC Consultaris)

• Coaching Conversations: Inquiry and fostering a safe space for building trusting relationships

Presenter: Alison L. Walling (Walling & Associates)            

Session Host: Dana Kirchman

Experiential Learning Session (Rd1/T1B)

• Engaging in the Four-Column Exercise: A Space for Personal and Professional Growth

Presenter: Professor Ellie E. Drago-Severson (Columbia University)                                              

Session Host: Stefan Hendriks

Coaching Demonstrations (Rd1/T2)

• 7 Voices, 3 Coaches, 1 Client: A Supervised Coaching Demonstration Using Role and Metaphor

Coach: David Matthew Prior (Core Faculty, Columbia Coaching Program)

• The Efficacy of Group Coaching: A Model for Coaches

Coach: Pamela Rea Van Dyke (Van Dyke Resource Group)                                          

Session Host: John Schuster

Paper Presentations (Rd1/T3)

• Coaching and Culture: Content Analysis using Two Cultural Frameworks

Presenters: Leticia Mosteo, Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia, Professor Victoria Marsick (Columbia University)

• The Impact of Cross-Cultural Competence in Leaders with Global or Multicultural Teams

Presenters: Binwa Sethi, Manuela Montagnana (ADP)

• Me, a politician? A study of the power dynamics in the coaching space

Presenters: Pauline Fatien (Menlo College), Dima Louis(Propel International)                                

Session Host: Jean S. Frankel

Panel Discussion (Rd1/T4)

·   Driving Sustained Organizational Success Through Coaching and Leadership Development

Moderator: Dr. Sue Marc Lawley (Senior VP, Lee Hecht Harrison)

Panelists: Patti Adelman (Northshore-LIJ Health Systems), Johanne Henderson (BIC USA), Cynthia Kelly (Northshore-LIJ Health Systems), Aviva Lazar (Bloomberg), Donald Ledbetter (L-3 Communications), Robert Levenson (EMC Corporation)            

Session Host: Maureen Solero


12:00 – 1:00 pm

Lunch, Networking, and Visit Platinum Sponsors

Concurrent Sessions – Round 2

1:00 – 2:30 pm

Experiential Learning Session (Rd2/T1A)

• The Conjurer’s Apprentice: Coach as Catalyst for Self-Organizing Moments in Coaching

Presenter: Ann Leone Clancy (Appreciative Coaching Collaborative)

 Session Host: Professor Ellie E. Drago-Severson

Panel Discussion (Rd2/T1B)

·     Executive Coach Education and Training: Current Status and Future Directions


Moderator: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia (Columbia University)

Panelists: Dr. Susan R. Meyer (IAC), CB Bowman (ACEC), Patricia Mathews (ICF),  Micki McMillan (ACTO), Dr. John Bennett (GSAEC),  & Dr. Jeremy J. Ridge (APECS)                                

Session Host: Professor Debra Noumair

Paper Presentations (Rd2/T2)

• Systemic Coaching’s Impact on Clients’ Managerial Coaching Skills and Stakeholders’ Engagement Behaviors

Presenters: Musashi Bansho, Adrian Gen Tsukamoto, Tsushi Tonomura (Coach A)

• Coaching for Difficult Situations

Presenter: Luiz Felipe Cavadas de Paiva (Artisan Consultoria)

• Coaching Leaders to Construct Space for Decision Making

Presenter: Jay E. McNaught (Zoetis)                      

Session Host: Elizabeth Guilday

Panel Discussion (Rd2/T3)

Internal Coaching: Stories of Successful Use of Space in Organizations

Moderator: Dr. Anne Power (Core Faculty, Columbia Coaching Program)


Panelists: Patricia M. Armstrong(Abbot Downing), Alan J. Polansky (Amrest), Nancy Amick (Wells Fargo), Stefan Hendriks (Teachers College, Columbia University, Hendriks & Company), John Schuster (Coaching Hudson Institute of Coaching and Columbia Coaching Certification Program)                                        

Session Host: Professor Victoria Marsick

Paper Presentations (Rd2/T4)

• Transformative Leadership and the Importance of Emotional Intelligence in a Changing Legal Culture

Boris Thomas (Trusted Advisor Partners), Bianka A. Kortlan-Cox (Trusted Advisor Partners)

• Coaching Clients from the “Engineering Culture”: Implications for Practice

Presenter: Mary Federico (Organizational Behavior Strategies)

• Widening the Lens of Leadership: Enhancing Leadership Literacy in Coaches

Presenter: Ken Otter, Ph.D. (Leadership Studies Programs, Saint Mary’s College of California)                                         

Session Host: Dr. Rachel Ciporen

2:30 – 3:00 pm

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Concurrent Sessions – Round 3

3:00 – 4:30 pm

Coaching Demonstrations (Rd3/T1A)

• Narrative Coaching and Developmental Space: Where Coaching and Counseling Differ and Overlap

Coach:John P. Schuster (Core Faculty, Columbia Coaching Program)

• How to coach with vision thanks to Socrates’ Maieutics?

Coach: Florentin Roche (FR-Coach)                                                    

Session Host: Soraya Tarrant


Experiential Learning Session (Rd3/T1B)

• Nurturing Creative Space: Tools for Coaching the Post-Heroic Leader

Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey W. Hull (Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School)               

Session Host: David Matthew Prior

Panel Discussion (Rd3/T2)

• Coaching Teams in Shared Space

Moderator: Carolyn Carlson (StangerCarlson)

Panelists: Richard Stanger (StangerCarlson), Richard Rocco (Argosy International), and Daniel Boockvar (New York Cruise Lines)


Session Host: Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura

Experiential Learning Session (Rd3/T3)

• Communications Theater: How to Move Conversation from the Battlefield to the Playing Field

Presenter: Siobhan M. Murphy (The Quest Connection)                                    

Session Host: Dr. Tanya Faude-Koivisto


Panel Discussion (Rd3/T4)

• Creating the Coaching Space in Healthcare: Patients, Healthcare Leaders and Hospital Boards

Moderator: Dr. Anne Power (Core Faculty, Columbia Coaching Program)

Panelists: Dr. Michael G. Cassatly (MedAchieve Inc) Brent Flack-Davison (Visiting Nurse Service of New York) Elizabeth Sudler (Sudler Consulting LLC.) Nikoleta Vlamis (Nikoleta & Associates Inc., University of Toronto Rotman Commerce)             

Session Host: Professor Judy O’Neil

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Community Reflection and Closure | World Café – Take II








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