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Topic: Co-Creating the Next Leg of the Columbia Coaching Learning Association Journey & Call-to-Action | Host: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia | December 4, 2020 (9:00 AM & 7:00 PM)


We have completed 17 Virtual Connection Spaces Sessions since launching the series in April, early in the era of COVID-19 to create a space for members of our learning community to learn, grow, and build community. I'm pleased that we've realized those aims, with a total of 16 program alums leading sessions - to foster peers, learning from peers! 

During Session 18, we are calling the community together to envision the type of learning community we would like to build together via the existing Columbia Coaching Learning Association (CCLA) structure. We are starting from a position of strength: (1) CCLA already exists as a formal non-profit organization within the U.S. legal system; (2) formal organizational bylaws and board of director structure is in place; and (3) the organization is financially stable with funds in the bank. 

We have approached an important inflexion point, the initial board members put a strong organization in place and are now ready to past the baton to others in our cummunity. The focus of this session is to: 

  • Provide an overview of the CCLA organizational structure; 
  • Envision the future of CCLA grounded in a strong value proposition for our members; and 
  • Call-Community-Members-to-Action to take on leadership roles to take this organization to the next level


Looking foward to seeing many of you in the Space! 






After the session, we'll post organizational documents for context. 



The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take XVIII - a | Friday December 4, 2020 | 9:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern Time U.S. - NOTE: both sessions have been conducted yet, links to recordings are available. 


Morning Recording:


The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take XVIII – b | Friday December 4, 2020 | 7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern Time U.S.

Evening Recording:


Access a PDF of the Slides (including Poll Data Collected) via the link below. 

VCS_Columbia Coaching Community_Session 18_TEM_12.4.20_Final with Menti Graphics.pdf 


Access a PDF of the Session Notes that include the "chat log" from both morning and evening sessions via the link below: 

Virtual Connection Spaces for Columbia Coaching Certification Program_18_11.29.20.pdf 


NOTE: Use the links below to access the "Jamboards" used in breakout rooms to gather data about: (a) Services/activiites you would find valuable if offered by CCLA and (b) Leadership and capabilites you could offer to the CCLA. 

Link for Morning Jamboarad:


Link for Evening Jamboard:


Use the link below to review a May 10th communication where I laidout the foundations for our potential future vision of CCLA, from the 3CP Program Directors' Perspective: 

RE: 3CP Faculty Director Updates | Connect, Develop, and Grow | May 10th (via 5.9.20 email)! - Blog Post - Columbia Coaching Learning Association (




Download and Review the "CCLA ByLaws" Prior to Doing So: 

CCLA ByLaws 07.10.16 Final (1).docx


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  • Hi Terry,

    I will be delighted to serve as a board member. Count on me.




  • Hi teery,


    Happy to help including being on a comittee.

    Please let e know how I should proceed.

    Sule Kutlay Gandur

  • Hi, Terry!

    I'm interested in serving on a committee, particularly the Programs & Development and the Bi-Annual Conference.

    Looking forward to helping in whatever capacity is needed.

    ~ Holly


  • Hi Terry,

    I'd be interested in helping out and serving on the board.


    Dorothy Doppstadt

  • Hi Terry, 

    I would be interested in serving as a Board Director of CCLA, out of Singapore. Just need to know the commitment level to ensure that I'm not going over-commit myself and fail to do a good job.

    Cheers, Chi Chiu

  • Follow-up to "18th Virtual Connection Spaces Session | 3CP Community | Call-To-Action! 

    3CP Alums, 

    It was so insipring to see so many of you across cohorts attend the 18th VCS focused on "Co-Creating the Future" of your alumni assoication - The Columbia Coaching Learning Association (CCLA). As we "restart" the CCLA Board of Directors, we will need to fill most of the following positions, including officers: 

    • President 
    • Vice President 
    • Secretary 
    • Treasuer 
    • At-Large Board Members 

    If you are interested serving on the CCLA Board of Directors to help co-create the future of your alumni association, please express your interests below so that we can invite you to a "re-start" meeting (simply "reply" to this comment). This is the first step in realizing the range of future aspirations for CCLA many of your shared. There are 3 officer positions that will also be filled, one is currently held by me: (1) the "Instuitional Representative" (held by the 3CP program director) as outlined in the CCLA Bylways; (2) Faculty Representive (currently Dr. Rachel Ciporen, yet another core team member will assume this role as part of the restart); and (3) Immedidate Past President (which would be the current CCLA President - Sharon Dauk). 

    The range of CCLA committee work would like be modified in some as part of the "Re-Start" process, yet the prior board committees included: 

    1. Finance and Adminstration 
    2. Executive Committee 
    3. Programs and Development
    4. Bi-Annual Conference (not technically a committee, yet the Leadership Team for the conference "reports" into the CCLA board of directors). 

    NOTE: you can locate the "CCLA ByLaws" in the Sessioon Post Above. It would be great if we could: (a) have global representation on the new board and (b) host reorganizing meeting early in the New Year! 





    • Hi, Interested in serving on the Board.

    • Good morning! I'm interested in being part of the board. 

      Dana Barbara

    • Terrie,

      I would be interested to help with the restart in any way.... 

      btw, on last Friday's call, Sharon and I discovered we're neighbors in CT... making plans to connect next week for coffee. Actually in person... imagine! :-)



      • I am happy to help on a committee or event or marketing.


        Chris Alvarez

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