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Topic: 3CP’s Whole-Person Integrated Coaching Framework and 2021 Conference Theme | Host: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia | January 8, 2021 (9:00 AM & 7:00 PM)

Happy 2021!


We are excited to continue the "Virtual Connection Spaces" series launched in April 2020, early in the era of COVID-19 to create a space for members of our learning community to learn, grow, and build community. To date, we've completed 18 sessions, 2 per month on average the launch, with a total of 16 program alums leading sessions - to foster peers, learning from peers | these sessions showcase the talent over our global learning community of professional executive and organizational coaches. 

Durign the 1st VCS session for 2021 we will: (1) explore an integrated coaching fraemwork that has emerged since grounding the program's 3 coaching foundations (i.e., guiding prinicipals, core coacing competencies, and process) in research informed by cognitive, affective, and behavioral neuroscience leveraged as a multidiscplinary integrator (e.g., drawing on disciplines as diverse as pyschology, adult learning, adult development, change managment, leadership, communications, and more) and (2) share the theme for the 4th International Columbia Coaching Conference scheduled for October 2021 as a platform for inviting our learning community to get actively involved in making our next confernce the best ever! 



Call-to-Action: Use one of the links below to pre-register for one of two, 1-hour sessions: 

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take XIX - a | Friday January 8, 2021 | 9:00 to 10:00 AM Eastern Time U.S.

Register in advance for this meeting:


Morning Zoom Recording:


The Columbia Coaching Certification Program | Global Learning Community Check-in | Take XIX – b | Friday January 8, 2021 | 7:00 – 8:00 PM Eastern Time U.S.

Register in advance for this meeting:

Evening Zoom Recording:


Looking foward to seeing many of you in the Space!  Communications for Session #20 - 22 will be posted shortly, yet we need co-host for future sessions starting in March. Reach out to me directly if interested - this series will continue as long as alumni are engaged in co-leading learning sessions. 







NOTE: Post Session Information | January 9, 2021!


You can access Zoom recordings from both the morning and evening sessions via the session headers above. 


Also, you can download a PDF of the Slides used for the two conducts of the session via the link below - the slides include the results from various Poll data collected during the sessions. 

VCS_Columbia Coaching Community_Session 19_TEM_1.8.2021.pdf


I've also included the "chat logs" from the morning and evening sessions below - both capture interesting observations from the session, along with a listing of community membes in attendance and some of my post session comments. 

Virtual Connection Spaces for Columbia Coaching Certification Program_19_1.8.21.pdf


We covered a lot of ground during these 1-hour sessions - I've included links 3 think pieces/articles I posted on LinkedIn during 2018, I year after we included in the Columbia Coaching Program redesign project focused on Neuroscience as a multi-discplinary integrator for our emerging understanding and application of "Whole-Person Coaching" of you want to learn more about our thinking in this growing space: The last article is a summary of our 2018 conference - for those of you have not attended a Columbia Coaching Conference and considering getting involved in our 2021 Conference! 

Columbia University’s Mind, Brain, and Behavior Institute Provides Empirical Basis for Transforming Executive and Organizational Coaching! | LinkedIn

Levels of Engagement: Journey Toward Transformational Coaching | LinkedIn

Reflections on June 7, 2018 Event Co-Sponsored by ICF-NYC Chapter & CCLA! | LinkedIn

The Columbia Coaching Center of Excellence Presents Successful Conference! | LinkedIn


Lastly, if yoo are aware of any useful resources in the areas of: (1) mindset and/or (2) neuroscience - please use the "comment" space below to comment. 





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  • 19th Virtual Connecton Spaces Session | Related LinkedIn Article Post - Friday January 8, 2021!

    Columbia Coaching Learning CommunityI

    Looking forward to reconnecting with members of our learning community this morning and later this evening for our first VCS session of the new year. In preparing for tooday's session, I was scanning some of the "articles" I've posted on LinkedIn and ran across an peice I wrote in November 2018 as we were wrapping up our 1-year 3CP redesign project. It relates to our topic today, "Whole-Person Coaching" in this case, with an emphais on our our 3-Phased Coaching Process can flex from a focus on short, "laser coaching" sessions to longer engagements with a focus on transformation - check it! 

    "Levels of Engagement: Journey Toward Transformational Coaching" 

    Levels of Engagement: Journey Toward Transformational Coaching | Li...





    Levels of Engagement: Journey Toward Transformational Coaching
    One of the joys of presenting @ various conferences is often the questions asked by the audience triggers new, and sometimes, different insights rela…
  • 4th International Columbia Coaching Conference Update - January 1, 2021


    Our 4th International  Columbia Coaching Conference will take place October 13-15, 2021, the event had been proposed by 1-year early during the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City, USA. Below is a conference update based on our revised and emerging plans. 

    First, as we plan for the Conference, we will decide in early 2021 whether the conference will be either in-person or virtual and will lean on the guidance of our pandemic experts from the Columbia University Medical Center, who have also guided Columbia’s University planning overall since the start of the global pandemic.

    Second, if we elect to go in-person (i.e., host the conference on the campus of Columbia University), we will make sure to let everyone know at least 60-90 days in advance of the conference so that you can make your travel arrangements in time. We are committed to providing monthly updates about the Conference.

    Third, as a head’s up, we will re-launch the call for proposals in mid-January with a deadline around mid-April 2021. For those of you who have already submitted proposals for the conference earlier this year, the good news is you have a head start - the refreshed 2021 Conference theme will remain the same, and if you wish to, you have an opportunity to refine and re-submit your proposals.

    Fourth, the theme for the 2021 Conference - Advancing Frontiers in Coaching: Integration | Culture | Transformation - will explore the edges of what's possible-from professional practice to a way of being-to push our thinking, extend our capabilities, and co-create new research, theories and approaches. We will be refreshing, but not fundamentally changing that theme in the coming days to take into account the extraordinary events that have impacted many, if not all, of us over the last year (e.g., the global pandemic of COVID-19, social protests and civil unrest, all contributing to economic uncertainty).


    Help Extend Our Reach of The Conference

    As we continue to strive for diverse perspectives in our proposals from across the coaching scholar and practitioner communities, we invite you to share this announcement to your personal, academic and business networks via email and/or social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on) far and wide!


    Organizations on The Advancing Frontier in Coaching

    We are seeking to showcase organizations from various sectors (e.g., corporate, education, government, and other non-profits) with coaching programs and/or initiatives that move toward the edge of our understanding of what coaching is, could be, and importantly contribute to organizational effectiveness and results. If yours is such an organization (and/or you have organizational clients on this path), we would love to hear from you - please reach out to me directly (


    Please stay tuned for updates from our planning team, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions - we hope to have the 2021 conference website up and running shortly. 


    Best Regards, 

    Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia

    Associate Professor of Practice 

    Department of Organization and Leadership

    Teachers College, Columbia University

    Faculty, Director | Columbia Coaching Certification Prgram 


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