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We are looking for members of the Columbia Coaching Learning Association (CCLA) community to get involved in making the 2018 Conference a success (ie., Columbia Coaching Program Alums, Front-end Coach Intensive Participants - ECI/ICI, Core Facilitator Team, External Examiners, and Various Friends of the Program). There was notable enhancements between our first event in 2014 and the 2nd event in 2016, for example:

  • Conference App
  • e-Proceeding (post-conference - goal pre-conference for 2018)
  • 2 Upgraded End-of-Day Conference Receptions (with author book signings)
  • Impressive Keynote Presenters (morning and end-of-day)
  • Improvements to Peer Review Process (resulting in stonger break-out sessions)

The success of this bi-annual global gathering of coach scholars and practitioners is large part the result of countless of hours of amazing volunteers, from the Institutional Sponsor, Conference Co-Chairs (Academic and Practitioners), dedicated leadership teams, sub-committee chairs, reviewers, to an army of on-site event volunteers.


In addition to providing a valuable service to contributing to the event's success, we are committed to positioning volunteer opportunities as an high-impact professional development experience. Please visit tis page often to see how you can get involved.

Call-For-Practitioner Conference Co-Chair

We are currently seeking candidates to serve as the Practitioner Co-Chair for the 2018 Conference. Special acknowledgement to coaching program alums Jean Frankel and Maureen Solero for their leadership in launching our very 1st conference!

For the 2nd conference we decided to further define the Co-Chair roles, one practitoner and one academic, to better align with the event's scholar/practitoner orientation. Fernando Yepez served as our first Academic Co-Chair and we are pleased he will complete his 2nd term for this year's event.  Dana Kirchman, stepped up from a program co-chair role for the 2014 conference, to serve as our Practitioner Co-Chair for 2016, she will continue to support our work in various ways during 2018!

If you are interested in being considered for this critical service for both the Columbia Coaching Program and the Columbia Coaching Learning Association's largest bi-annual event, please forward a professional bio or resume to: Dr. Terrence E. Maltbia by no later than Tuesday, February 13, 2018. To learn more aobut this exciting opportunity, use the link below to download the position description.


 2.7.2918 Update

Call-For-Chair, Operations and Events Planning

We are currently seeking candidates to serve as Chair, Conference Operations and Events Planning to work as a full member of the Conference Leadership Team. Use link below to download the position description:


 2.9.2918 Update

Call-For-Volunteers: Conference Program Committee Sub-Chairs

Liane Kemp, Columbia Coaching Program Alum and Conference Program Chair for the 3rd International Columbia Coaching Conference is seeking four sub-committee chairs to join her team. This team is chiefly responsible for ensuring high-quality sessions for the 4 rounds of concurrent 90 minute learning blocks, a key component our conference design. Use the link below to: (1) download the position description and (2) learn more about the program committee's focus; focus program submission categories: (a) papers, (b) experiential learning sessions, (c) coach demos, and (d) panel discussions | along with information about the ideal profiles for each key role:


2.17.2018 Update

Call-For-Volunteers: Conference Program Committee Proposal Reviewers

Liane Kemp, Columbia Coaching Program Alum and Conference Program Chair for the 3rd International Columbia Coaching Conference is seeking proposal reviewers for 4 submission categories. Get involved and have direct input on the 2018 conference program. Use link below for more information and reviewer requirements, along with guidelines for expressing interests in the critical conference role; 


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  • @maltbia, Very interested - what is the time commitment for the Practioner role? Thank you!
    • Dasha,

      Good to hear from you! Great question with a less than satisfactory response, yet let me start the conversation. Headline: it's variable. The Conference Leadership Team has a weekly planning and check-in session via Webex. The Practitioner Conference Co-Chair works closely with me (Institutional Sponsor) and the Conference Academic Co-Chair to: (a) set the overall direction for the conference; (b) support the work of the functional leadership team chairs (i.e., Program, Operations, Strategic Partnerships, and Branding/Marketing); and (c) stepping up to complete various emerging tasks as needed. Having completed to conference cycles with two Conference Co-Chairs, while the time commitment varies, between February and October I spend 2 to 8 hours per week on the conference. Sometimes I invest 2 hours (1 for the weekly check-ins and 1 hour on misc tasks, 5 to 15 minutes @ a time), other weeks requires more doing things like mentoring or coaching conference chairs to devise or revise work processes; working with program committee to finalize accepted proposals from a pool of strong contenders based on program break-out slots; having conversations with potential keynote presenters and so on.

      While a fair amount of work, I've personally learned a lot working with an amazing team of program alums and the broader professional coaching community that this event brings together. You might reach out to Dana Kirchman, Practitioner Co-Chair for the 2016 Conference. The good news is she will be available as a sounding board.


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