Communications & Proceedings Committee

Acting Chair, Jean Frankel (Cohort VII), 561-883-0127.

This committee serves as the overall communications liaison to both the conference governance structure and steering committee, with the work organized and implemented by following three sub-committees:

Digital/Web Communications

Chair, Andee Harris, (Cohort X), 773.251.9165.

  • This committee handles all digital communications messaging and platform deliver in liaison with the Marketing and Branding Chair and members of the Steering Committee through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and select internal and intranet platforms.

Publicity/Public Relations

Chair, Sarah Osteen (Cohort VII), 617.320.4417.

  • This committee manages all publicity and public relations regarding the conference, including media relations. Supports and provides all publicity-related services related to the conference.

Marketing and Branding Communications

Chair - Venkata Natarajan (Cohort VII), 301.901.7123.

  • This committee oversees and manages all conference marketing, branding and messages related to conference through extensive networks to ensure global awareness and successfully target conference attendee registration.

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