Track 1 Intra/Interpersonal Space Coaching Demonstration: How to coach with vision thanks to Socrates' Maieutics?

Abstract: As a coach, you want people to find their own way of being at their best. Five hundred years BC in ancient Greece, Socrates invented maieutics, « the art of giving birth » to the truth in the one you are coaching, as a spiritual midwife, by asking questions. My intention is to elicit and demonstrate the process of maieutics, how you can model it and apply it to get positive results.

Florentin Roche (France)

Florentin Roche is a French certified coach (member of the ICF ethic committee), philosopher and psychotherapist. He conducts researches in applied philosophy and psycholinguistics in Lyon III, also teaches communication at La Sorbonne, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Reims Management School.

He has developed a method of coaching based on Socrates ability in changing people beliefs thanks to the dialectical way. He intends to write a book from his PhD thesis, introducing the concepts and procedures every professional can use to enrich their practice.

Florentin, head of FR-coach, coaches leaders, creators, artists, athletes in France and around the world. 

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