Track 1 Intra/Interpersonal Space Coaching Demonstration: Narrative Coaching and the Developmental Space: Where Coaching and Counseling Differ and Overlap

Abstract: This demo looks at the spaces of coaching versus counseling, which is often discussed by coaches in the course of their work. It will include initial “set up” of the theory, models and competencies for the participants to consider, and a post-demo discussion in the spirit of a demonstration-teaching environment  It will highlight the client’s story, meaning-making, narrative techniques and developmental frames for increasing client awareness. Self as instrument is foundational to this demo.

John P. Schuster (USA)

John specializes in executive coaching. He is a coach in residence with Merryck and serves as a faculty member for the coaching programs at Columbia University and The Hudson Institute of Coaching. He founded his business 30 years ago, and it is known for its ability to connect soft people skills with lasting results His firm pioneered the open-book management practices that tie to balanced scorecard work. His work has taken him to four continents. He has taught leadership and strategy in the executive MBA programs. He sings and plays guitar and has four grandkids. He recently received his masters in psychology.

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