Track 2 Team/Group Space Coaching Demonstration: The Efficacy of Group Coaching: A Model for Coaches

Abstract:There is power in groups.  Whether large or small, groups create a great environment for collective wisdom and knowledge to occur.  In group coaching, the group is used as the vehicle to accomplish self-awareness and effectiveness within the individual.  The coach acts as a facilitator of the group process. Participants will experience (based upon empirical research conducted by the speaker), what is involved in group coaching by being introduced to the PERFORM™ model of group coaching.  

Pamela R. Van Dyke, Ph.D. (USA)

Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas Pam currently coaches others in a variety of capacities in a variety of situations and has done so both face-to-face and virtually.  Pam’s diverse background in behavioral health, fortune 500 companies and academia, provides her with a unique blend to understand the needs of others and the complex dynamics in which they find themselves.

In addition to having extensive experience as a Coach Practitioner and Researcher, Pam is also a published author in Group Coaching and has presented at several conferences on a variety of topics related to Coaching.

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