Events & Logistics Committee

Chair, Sue Negrey (Cohort VI) 215.327.9762215.327.9762.

This committee manages the overall operation of the conference (before, during and after the event), via the work of the following sub-committees:

Registration and Budgeting – Chair, Bob Trefrey (Cohort VI) 203.521.8371203.521.8371.

  • Responsible for on-site registration services for all conference attendees. Monitors all conference participant registration processes. Manages and provides payments to conference vendors as required and approved by Conference Co-Chairs.

Sponsorship Services – Chair, Robin Schletter (Cohort VI) 203.803.9673203.803.9673.

  • This committee manages the sponsorship program for the conference; makes recommendations to the governance leadership team; and develops and implements the sponsorship program as needed.

Conference Support Services – Chair, Laura Fisher (Cohort IX) 253.219.5910253.219.5910.

  • Manages budgeting requests for all conference services and logistics. Provides all onsite logistics and operations, e.g., room set up, tech/AV requirements, food and beverage, restrooms, etc.

Onsite Hosting Services – Chair, Margaret Walsh (Cohort VI) 917.856.0802917.856.0802

  • Provides onsite resources in liaison with Volunteers team to all conference participants, Keynote and session speakers and facilitators; responsible for greeting, coordination of resource and tech/AV requirements, program materials, timekeeping, evaluation completion. One onsite resource per session is required throughout conference.


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