Track 1 Intra/Interpersonal Space Experiential Learning Session: The Conjuror's Apprentice: Coach as Catalyst for Self-Organizing Moments in Coaching

Abstract: Executive coaches want to ensure that their clients move toward behavior and action that is required (organizationally) and wanted (internal motivation). In this session, a new model is defined based on Appreciative Coaching research into the coach’s role as catalyst in helping clients make significant shifts from self-limiting patterns to positive growth and development. These self-organizing pivotal moments in coaching are strongly influenced by the coach’s priming strategies and knowledge of how to facilitate transformation.

Ann L. Clancy (USA)

Ann coaches CEOs, leadership teams, business owners, and professionals, drawing on expertise with strategic, systems and strengths-based approaches. She is co-author of “Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change,” a researched, evidence-based approach to coaching drawn from Appreciative Inquiry,  Positive Psychology and other transformative models of change. She is considered a thought leader, researcher and mentor in Appreciative Coaching world-wide, offering training workshops and an 8-week online certification course, most recently in India. Her latest research is facilitating transformation through pivotal moments in coaching. Her doctorate is in Human and Organizational Systems, Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, California. 

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