Track 3 Cultural Space Experiential Learning Session: Communications Theater: How to Move Conversation from the Battlefield to the Playing Field

Abstract: In this experiential workshop, participants experience a powerful model of relating.  This model takes participants from Battlefield to Playing Field by learning the Battle to Play Model of communicating and then practicing these approaches using real life examples through “real” play.  Participants will take away a tool to prepare clients for contentious communications and to promote effective dialogue among their stakeholders.  This workshop addresses the Sociological space between people in relationships.

Siobhán Murphy (USA)

Siobhán Murphy, an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Speaker is an early practitioner of coaching in her 19th year as President of The Quest Connection.  She is passionate about growing leadership capacity, enhancing communication and creating harmonious relationships.  Siobhán connects leaders with resources that are both thought-provoking and soul-lifting so they can achieve their own brilliant leadership. An ICF Master Certified Coach, she has taught coaching skills globally for several coaching companies, served as an adjunct in NYU’s School of Continuing Professional Studies and serves as an Examiner for Columbia University’s CCCP since 2010.  

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