Track 1 Intra/Interpersonal Space Experiential Learning Session: Engaging in the Four-Column Exercise: A Space for Personal and Professional Growth

Abstract: Why is change challenging, even when deeply committed to it? How might engaging in the Four-Column Exercise (Kegan & Lahey, 2001) help? The purpose of this session is to help you develop an improvement goal and to understand your competing commitments—those that inadvertently work against your improvement goal. If you are a coach, this session offers space to consider goals for personal (internal) growth. And, it will enable you to better support your clients.

Eleanor (Ellie) Drago-Severson

Ellie is a Professor at Columbia University (USA). A developmental psychologist, consultant, internationally certified ITC developmental coach, and researcher, Ellie supports leadership development and organizational growth. Her most recent books, Learning for Leadership (Corwin/Sage, 2013), Helping Educators Grow: Practices for Leadership Development (Harvard Education Press, 2012), Leading Adult Learning (Corwin/Sage, 2009), Becoming Adult Learners (Teachers College, 2004), and Helping Teachers Learn (Corwin, 2004), offer new research-based models for building internal capacity. Helping Teachers Learn won the 2004 National Book of the Year Award. Leading Adult Learning was selected as the Book of Fall 2009. Learning for Leadership was awarded Book of the month, Fall 2013. She is currently writing, Effective Learning Designs (Corwin/Sage) and The Art of Feedback: Tell Me so I Can Hear You (Harvard Education Press, 2015). She earned degrees from Long Island University (BA) and Harvard University (EdM, EdD and Post-Doctoral Fellowship). Ellie grew up in the Bronx and lives in New York City.

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