Track 3 Cultural Space Paper Presentation: Me, a politician? A study of the power dynamics in the coaching space

Abstract:Rather than portraying the coaching space as developmental, increasing researchers have described it as a space for conformation, a practice for renewed forms of discipline. Using the critical incident method, this paper explores the nature of the coaching space. Our analysis of 20 semi-structured interviews of coaches confronted to tricky situations highlights the critical issue of the management of power dynamics in a coaching intervention, inviting coaches to embrace the political dimension of their practice. 

Pauline Fatien Diochon (France/USA)

Pauline is a researcher and educator in management who has developed an expertise in the study of the role and use of executive coaching in organizations today. Her latest publications focus on power dynamics and ethics in coaching. She is currently an Associate Professor of Management at Menlo College, CA, USA and Associate Researcher at Centre Magellan, University of Lyon, France. She holds a Ph.D. in Management and a Master of Science in Management from HEC School of Management, France, as well as a Master in Sociology of Power from University of Paris Diderot, France. 

Dima Louis (Lebanon/Qatar/France)

Dima is an occupational psychologist with a work experience of nearly 10 years in Lebanon and Qatar, and a specialization in the areas of job training, leadership development and talent management. She is currently a PhD Candidate at Grenoble Ecole de Management, France. Her thesis explores the nature of the multiple agendas in the coaching intervention and their management by coaches. 

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