Track 4 Industry Space Paper Presentation: Coaching Clients from the "Engineering Culture": Implications for Practice

Abstract: This paper focuses on identifying techniques and areas of emphasis to maximize coaching effectiveness with professionals from what Edgar Schein calls the “engineering culture.” There is little peer-reviewed research on this topic, so the approach included identifying common characteristics and typical challenges. Challenges arise when these professionals move into roles requiring people/ project management. An examination of the literature through the lens of the CCCP competencies and coaching phases yields potential strategies and leverage areas. 

Mary Federico (USA)

A seasoned consultant/coach/trainer, Mary has 20 years of experience helping clients use organizational behavioral principles/techniques to improve results. While with a boutique consulting firm, Mary gained deep experience with organizations implementing process improvement programs. She has a particular affinity for – and success with – helping highly analytical leaders/professionals improve their ability to influence. Mary is the published author/co-author of 2 pocket guides (McGraw-Hill), multiple articles, and an “attitudinal” comic book. Her M.A. in Organizational Psychology and certification in Executive Coaching are both from Columbia University. Mary has worked around the world and has dual US/EU citizenship. 

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