Track 2: Team/Group Space Paper Presentation: Coaching Leaders to Construct Space for Decision Making

Abstract: This paper provides practical tools, assessments, and strategies to be used when coaching leaders to improve their decision-making process.  A useful model is presented that breaks down the decision-making process into five dimensions.  Each dimension becomes a focus for leader assessment and an opportunity for improvement.  Behavior descriptions and coaching questions are provided to guide the executive coach.  Coaches can help leaders kinesthetically experience gaps in their own decision-making process and develop strategies for improvement.

Jay McNaught, Ed. D (USA)

Dr. Jay McNaught works for Zoetis as the Senior Manager, Leadership Education and Development. He works with all levels of leaders in the organization to help them develop their leadership capabilities. Jay recently earned a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. His dissertation research focused on how leaders use intuition in their decision-making process. Jay was a contributing author in From Insights to Actions: Six New Ways to Think, Lead, and Achieve. Jay recently developed a full-day workshop titled “Dynamic Decision Making: Helping Leaders Decide How to Decide” and is writing a book by the same title.

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