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New York, NY

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Columbia University

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Mike Friedmann is a management consultant, organizational psychologist and coach from Columbia University in New York. For the past decade, he has worked with: • C-level executives, attorneys, fund managers, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and other professionals in finance, technology, healthcare, media, consumer goods, and education • Individuals from Bain & Co., Estée Lauder, Goldman Sachs, Google, General Motors, Leo Burnett, Johnson & Johnson, Reebok, and U.S. Army Special Operations • MBA and college students from Harvard, Penn (Wharton), Yale, Stanford, Columbia, NYU (Stern), Chicago (Booth), UVA (Darden) Michigan (Ross), and some 40 others across the U.S., Europe, and China. Mike offers coaching, training, and consulting in: • Leadership & People Management • Listening, Feedback, & Communication • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution • Personal Development • Career Development & Job-Hunting Prior to launching his coaching business, Mike worked as a curriculum consultant for Harvard Business School’s MBA program, as a financial analyst at IBM, and in behavioral-economics research at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is currently earning a PhD in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University in New York and runs a coaching practice for adults and university students.

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