Track 4 Industry Space Panel Discussion: Creating the Coaching Space in Healthcare: Patients, Healthcare Leaders and Hospital Boards

Abstract:This panel discusses “Creating the Coaching Space” in Healthcare through three perspectives: (1) How coaching empowers and engages patients as clients, (2) How coaching maximizes the potential of healthcare leaders, (3) How coaching elevates hospital boards. From our experiences, the benefits of coaching include improved alignment and governance for Boards, improved communication and leadership capabilities to lead cultural change for healthcare leaders and increased patient engagement through a partnership approach, improved medical outcomes and self-care. 

Moderator: Dr. Anne Power (USA)

Dr. Power has 25+ years of experience coaching leaders, teams and other coaches in the US and globally.  She helped design, develop and is core faculty in the Columbia Coach Certification Program. She currently is an Expert Witness on the nature of business coaching for Oprah Winfrey in the trademark-infringement case (Kelly-Brown v. Winfrey, No. 12-1207). Recent clients include Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, American Express, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  She is the Chief Editor of the book Internal Coaching: Stories of Success in Organizations (2014). She developed the coaching tool: Coaching With a Full Deck, which is used around the globe. 




Dr. Michael G. Cassatly (USA)

Michael is a Board Certified Executive Business and Leadership Coach and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. He completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program after his 30 year surgical career As President of MedAchieve, a professional healthcare coaching firm, he works with physician leaders, healthcare companies and medical educational institutions both internationally and in the US. Michael is former Executive Director of the Physician Leadership Institute where he was instrumental in establishing the physician coaching process.  He is published in medical and coaching journals and a frequently quoted source about the positive impacts of coaching physicians. His chapter, The Transformative Shift in Healthcare Compels Coaching, can be found in Coaching in the Workplace.



Nikoleta Vlamis, MBA (Canada)

Nikoleta’s diverse private sector experience encompasses global HR, Marketing and Operations roles. At Nikoleta & Associates, Nikoleta and her team offer leadership growth services for clients in multiple industries including construction, professional services, technology, financial services and health care.   Currently, the team is beginning their third year of partnership with University of Toronto Rotman Commerce and preparing for their second year of co-facilitating the leadership certificate for new health care board members with the Ontario Hospital Association with Deloitte. 

In 2012, Nikoleta published her perspective of the inner work of the executive coach at McClean Hospital and Harvard University Affiliate Institute of Coaching.  A dynamic and visionary change leader.  Nikoleta’s commitment to personal growth and human development fuels change at the deepest strata


Brent Flack-Davison (RSA/USA)

Brent has thirteen years of organizational development and management consulting experience. He has worked in a diverse range of industries including healthcare, financial services, tele-communications, real estate and power utilities. Currently, Brent is the Special Advisor to the Head of Clinical Operations at Visiting Nurse Service of New York, the largest non-profit home healthcare organization in the USA. In his role, Brent is at the forefront of implementing strategic initiatives and care model transitions. He is integrating executive coaching to support and up-skill staff and managers during significant transitions. Brent completed the Columbia University Advanced Coaching Intensive in 2014.


Elizabeth Sudler, LCSW, CEAP (USA)

Elizabeth Sudler has held strategic roles in health & wellness divisions at two global investment banks, and recently designed and implemented an Americas resilience strategy and fee for service coaching program for one of them.  As a senior leader in two national managed behavioral health care insurance companies, she had P&L responsibility for large clinical call centers, winning a company-wide "Distinguished Service Center of the Year" for exceptional quality indicators.

Using psychological principles from her extensive clinical and meditation training, she has consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies as a behavioral health and resilience coach and strategist. 

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