Track 3 Panel Discussion: Internal Coaching-Stories of Successful Use of Space in Organizations

Abstract: The panel focuses on internal coaching aligned with business imperatives, the present best organizational coaching practices – linking these to the CCP Conference focus: Space as Context, Content and Conduct. The panel’s objectives are: 1) to communicate, through a variety of practitioners in different organizations, stories of successful coaching initiatives, and 2) to share internal coaching models, and best practices and applied skills: how the methods and theories work on the ground.

Moderator: Anne Power, EdD, United States

Dr. Power has 25+ years of experience coaching leaders, teams and other coaches in the US and globally.  She helped design, develop and is core faculty in the Columbia Coach Certification Program. She currently is an Expert Witness on the nature of business coaching for Oprah Winfrey in the trademark-infringement case (Kelly-Brown v. Winfrey, No. 12-1207). Recent clients include Prairie Lakes Healthcare System, American Express, and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  She is the Chief Editor of the book Internal Coaching: Stories of Success in Organizations (2014). She developed the coaching tool: Coaching With a Full Deck, which is used around the globe.


Patricia M. Armstrong

Patricia M. Armstrong is a Managing Director of Abbot Downing, a Wells Fargo business. Prior roles include head of human resources for the wealth management business of Wells Fargo where she coached business executives and founded the internal coaching practice. 

Nancy Amick

Nancy is an Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach for Wells Fargo’s Wealth, Brokerage and Retirement business. Nancy works with business leaders and teams to enhance individual, team and organizational effectiveness and has been an internal executive coach and consultant for Wells Fargo for more than a decade.   Nancy co-authored a number of the practice documents associated with Wells Fargo’s internal consulting practice

John Schuster

John is Executive Coach and  Faculty at Hudson Institute of Coaching and the Columbia Coaching Certification Program, Columbia University. Author of two coach related books: The Power of Your Past: the art of recalling, reclaiming and recasting (2011) and Answering Your Call: a guide to living your deepest purpose (2003) both Berrett Koehle.

Stefan Hendriks

Stefan Hendriks worked for Ernst & Young, Capgemini and Deloitte as a change management consultant for more than ten years in Europe and in the USA. He worked for clients in banking, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals in Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, the UK and the USA. He gained additional experience in Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Organization Design and Executive Coaching. He completed the Columbia Coaching Certification Program in 2012.  He currently is an independent consultant and is pursuing a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Alan J. Polansky

Alan is an executive coach at AmRest, a multibrand, multinational restaurant company headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland. He founded and teaches at AmRest University. Alan initiated and continues to lead the implementation of Coach Principled Leadership with leaders, managers, and supervisors organization-wide.

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