Conference Program Committee:

Conference Program Committee:

This committee manages the overall coordination of the conference content including defining, implementing and managing the work flow of the different categories. Co-chairs are Tom Dolan (Cohort V), 312-953-0761312-953-0761 and Joe Casey (Cohort V), 609-921-1521609-921-1521.

Subcommittees in this area are as follows:

Paper Presentations Subcommittee - Chair, Dana Kirchman (Cohort 5), 917-297-4807917-297-4807

  • All papers must focus on some aspect of the work of coaching executives and relate to conference theme, based either on: Research (quantitative or qualitative, action research, case study, meta-analysis, etc.); Theory (conceptual study, model or theory development, including integrative literature reviews); and/or a Specialized Practice Area (e.g., leadership team coaching; group coaching; multi-rater feedback coaching; behavioral coaching; solution-focused; board of directions; etc.)  

Experiential Learning Sessions Subcommittee – Chair, Stefan Hendriks (Cohort V) 917-494-5030917-494-5030

  • These highly interactive, professional sessions demonstrate integration of theory and practice, based on experience with a particular practice format, theoretical frame, innovative solution, or explore emerging technologies and their use in coaching.


Coach Demonstration Subcommittee – Chair, Soraya Tarrant (Cohort I), 703-298-8854703-298-8854

  • These sessions focus on “modeling” with a “client,” either: (1) selected coaching competencies (i.e., specific capabilities that reside within the coach – specify the source of the competency framework, e.g., EMCC, GSAEC, IAC, ICF, etc.); (2) coaching process elements (e.g., entry and contracting; aligning expectations; etc.); and/or (3) tools (e.g., use of a specific assessment, values clarification sorts, visual explorer, etc.); and/or protocols (e.g., applying a cultural dimensions frameworks).


Panel Discussions Subcommittee – Chair, Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura  (Cohort IV), 917-623-5644917-623-5644

  • This conference track provide opportunities for noted “experts” in the field, or seasoned practitioners to discuss new research, work in progress, and/or emerging practices, relevant to the work of executive and organizational coaching in an informal, group context (i.e., proposals should include 3 to 5 panelists and a moderator).


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