Track 2 Team/Group Space Panel Discussion: Coaching Teams in Shared Space

Abstract: Building on the conference theme -- This panel discussion focuses on some key challenges of coaching teams and how to address these challenges. Particular emphasis is placed on use of assessments, especially team assessments that provide important information about relationship strengths between team members and within the overall team. Included among the panelists will be two senior executives who have experienced team coaching supported by a robust assessment and feedback process.

Moderator: Carolyn K Carlson (USA)

Carolyn is an accomplished executive consultant and coach who works with multinational corporations on developing high performance teams and leaders, creating effective talent processes, and strengthening HR capabilities. She has designed and deployed talent processes, competency models, performance management systems, and leadership development programs. She has been a speaker for the Human Capital Institute and a contributor to IBM’s 2010 & 2008 Global Human Capital Studies -- “Working Beyond Boarders” and  “Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce”. Prior to starting StangerCarlson, Carolyn was a Partner in IBM’s Global Business Services Human Capital practice since it’s acquisition from PwC Consulting.





Richard Stanger (USA)

Richard is an accomplished coach of senior executives and leadership teams, including coaching leaders through instances of complex change such as mergers, acquisitions, rightsizings, changes in strategic direction and leadership challenges. Has been able to leverage the depth and breadth of his own senior leadership Richard has helped executives and teams at and near the C-suite develop rapidly during coaching engagements, helping enable them to major business achievements. Richard is also an experience Talent Management consultant with extensive leadership experience as a strong business partner who understands organizational needs and rapidly identifies, aligns and develops appropriate solutions.


Richard Rocco (USA)

Richard is the President and COO of Argosy International, a global logistics and distribution company in the aerospace industry.  Previously, he was the CFO for Argosy and was responsible for its global finance and IT departments. He is a highly regarded change leader who has successfully reengineered manufacturing processes and streamlined operations resulting in significant cost savings. Richard has also been successful in securing the financing and banking needs to help support the growth of the companies for which he has worked. He has proven management skills in distribution, logistics, manufacturing, operations, information technology and strategic business planning.


Daniel Boockvar (USA)

Danny is the Chief Executive Officer of New York Cruise Lines, the parent company of Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises. Before NYCL, he was Chief Operating Officer at Girl Scouts of the USA. Danny also served as Senior Vice President at Weight Watchers, overseeing U.S. sales and operations, and opening new markets in China and Mexico. Active in NYC's public affairs, Danny is Vice Chairman and a founding member of the board of directors of the Harlem Success Charter School and founder of The Mayer Foundation. For his efforts, Danny was awarded the prestigious David Rockefeller Fellowship in 2010. He holds a bachelor’s degree and a JD with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

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