2016 - Call for Proposals

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The 2016 Conference Program Committee is seeking proposals that reflect the best thinking in the emerging field of executive coaching (and adjacent helping roles that support leadership and organizational effectiveness, e.g., facilitation, consulting, organizational development, mentoring, learning and development), informed by theory, research, and practice.

The deadline for proposal submission has been recently extended to April 8, 2016 [NOTE: we are no longer accepting proposals for the 2016 conference] The attached "Call for Proposals," provides useful information about the planned event and submissions - all revisions from the November call are highlighted in yellow for ease of reference:

  • The Purpose and Theme of the 2016 Conference (see pp. 1-2);
  • Sample Questions Guiding our Inquiry for the 2016 Conference (see p. 3);
  • Proposal Guidelines for the Four Submission Categories,  (see p. 4); and
  • Required Proposal Format and Summary of Evaluation Category (see. p. 5). 

NOTE: Use the link below to download a PDF of the "Call For Proposals." S


Use the link below to access a page with sample proposal outlines for each of the four submission categories:


The ALL ACADEMIC site for submitting proposals is now available, use the link below to access the platform:


Click the link below to download a Microsoft Word documents that provides specific guidelines for: (a) creating profile on the All Academic Conference Proposal Submission Site; (2) adding additional authors to your submission (Note: each author will need to complete a profile on the All Academic site; and (3) uploading your proposal(s) for the 2016 conference:



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